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  MODEL : masterpiece_32  

This design is automated fare adjustment machine model, according to the customers' request such as building design, solid works design, payment modules, etc, we custom-made cheaper even the customer buys only one.
The European style "masterpiece" of Kiosk series is the new model of K-KIOSK 2019. It is in first place of KIOSK market share and it has luxurious design and high end specification application. So three dimensional design was applied for users.

_ Based on ultra slim bezel 32 inches of iPhone design
(Based on the nation's standard 32 inches-34mm monitor bezel/59mm head thickness)

_ Gives attention with installation of LED light
(Change, receipt discharging port)

_ Equipped with expensive smart phone screen touch system
(Capacitive overlay 10 points multi sensor)

_ Stainless front door of European design
(Corrosion resistant steel alloy/anti theft design)
Width: 570mm
Height: 1802mm
Depth: 460mm
Operating Temperature:
Size: Resolution: Available:
15" 1024x768
17" 1280x1024
19" 1280x1024
21.5" 1920x1080
23" 1920x1080
32" 1920x1080
42" 1920x1080
46" 1920x1080
47" 1920x1080
55" 1920x1080
65" 1920x1080
- -
- -
- -
- -
ADA Compliant
Weather Resistant
Hardened 6mm Tempered Glass
TFT LCD & Touch Sensor 22" - 82"
Touch Panel
Flight Case
Nema 4 Certified Weather Proof Metal Frame
WiFi (Wireless Internet)
3M Logo Branding
Cabinet Keys
Power Cable
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