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Title... : K-KIOSK announces Kiosk production in the Philippines
Name : Oversea Part_Manager Daniel Date : 2017-05-12 Hit : 3945

K-KIOSK has a long-term vision of producing the world"s best kiosk with the highest quality, and is expanding its oversea business by the continent. Among it, Philippines is one of our key overseas bases. Kiosk manufacturing is held by our local agency in Manila, CLP GROUP since last September. By setting the manufacturing base within manila, we now can provide the lowest price, quick delivery to our local customers. Kiosk parts and accessories are supplied from our H.Q in Korea, while assembly and software setting are held by our local agency. By this method, we have already supplied over 40 units of kiosk and increasing in time.

K-KIOSK has received a good reputation among our local customers for its diverse design, technology, good quality and fast delivery. We will do our best to satisfy our customers needs, and to expand our kiosk product throughout the oversea market.

Oversea Part_Manager Daniel
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